Our Components

Progressive Die Parts

Progressive dies provide a completed part on each stroke of the press. This is best suited for higher-volume parts.

Cam Pierce Dies

Cam pierce dies will provide better hole alignment on U-Shaped parts, either as a secondary operation or added to a progressive die.

Ground Cover Plates

Both Blanchard and Gardner Double Disc Grinding is available to provide a better finish and thickness control for Cover Plates, Flanges, Thrust Washers and other parts requiring a higher quality stamping.

Multi Phase Stamping with Cinch Nuts

Rather than using weld nuts with resistance welding, several Clinch Nuts are attached using a Stamping Press for larger parts.

Multiple Draw Operation Parts

Several Stamping Draw Operations are available for many varieties of Draw type parts. If the volume is high, a Progressive Die can designed to reduce part cost by combining several Draw stations into one Die.


A variety of clamp styles can be produced using progressive dies for higher-volume production. Additional processes such as painting or zinc plating are available to provide a completed part.


Metal thicknesses range from .090″ to .625″ using progressive dies, compound dies, form dies, extrude dies and other types of tooling.

Hardened Washers

A wide variety of washers are produced ranging in thicknesses from .030″ to .625″, with outside diameters from .750″ to 18.000″.

Hardened Thrust Washers

Close tolerance hardened and ground thrust washers are also among our many products.


Two, three or four hole flange styles are available. Additional in-house processes such as Blanchard grinding and Gardner double-disc grinding are available along with drilling and tapping to provide higher-quality finishes and holes.

Weld Assemblies

Small to medium size weld assemblies are available through our facility.

Oil Filter Shields

Various draw type parts can be produced for special usage such as Oil Filter Shields.

Rocker Arms

This style of engine rocker arm requires many processes such as stamping, resistance welding, tapping, boring and assembly.

Brake Components

Various types of brake components can be provided as a stamping. From large rotors to brake adjusters to cam plates.

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