Services: Stamping

We have the capability to run a wide array of stamping
applications from single station dies, to complex multi-
station progressive dies.




Our stamping presses range from 32 to 800 tons with bed capacity as large as 60” wide by 108” long.

For high-volume applications, we have several presses capable of producing parts from coil material (up to .394” {10mm} ) at speeds up to 90 strokes per minute. All of our presses can be manually fed for low or medium-volume applications. We utilize sheared strip and bar stock material.

We use various materials such as low carbon (C1006) to high carbon (C1075/90), HSLA Grade 50 and Grade 80, 300-400 series stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and bronze.

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Multiple Draw Operation Parts

Several Stamping Draw Operations are available for many varieties of Draw type parts. If the volume is high, a Progressive Die can designed to reduce part cost by combining several Draw stations into one Die.

Multi Phase Stamping with Cinch Nuts

Rather than using weld nuts with resistance welding, several Clinch Nuts are attached using a Stamping Press for larger parts.

Ground Cover Plates

Both Blanchard and Gardner Double Disc Grinding is available to provide a better finish and thickness control for Cover Plates, Flanges, Thrust Washers and other parts requiring a higher quality stamping.

Looking for Laser Fabrication Services?

We are located next door to Dubuque Laser and Fabrication. Please visit their site to learn more about their capabilities.

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