Services: Grinding

Our grinding department is comprised of two Blanchard
surface grinders and two Gardner double disc grinders.


The Blanchard surface grinder allows us to grind one side of the part at a time while holding the parts on a large rotating magnetic table.

If the part requires both sides to be ground, parts are flipped after the first side is ground.

Depending on the part’s design, our Blanchard grinders can grind parts to a ±.001” thickness tolerance while maintaining the flatness of the part. Our Gardner double disc grinders grind both sides of the part simultaneously while they pass through the machine.

These machines are better suited for larger quantity production runs due to their pass-through mode of operation. Depending on the part’s design, our Gardner grinders can hold ±.001” thickness tolerance.

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Hardened Washers

A wide variety of washers are produced ranging in thicknesses from .030″ to .625″, with outside diameters from .750″ to 18.000″.


A variety of clamp styles can be produced using progressive dies for higher-volume production. Additional processes such as painting or zinc plating are available to provide a completed part.

Ground Cover Plates

Both Blanchard and Gardner Double Disc Grinding is available to provide a better finish and thickness control for Cover Plates, Flanges, Thrust Washers and other parts requiring a higher quality stamping.

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