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CNC Machining
Our CNC machining department consists of HAAS VF-3SS mills, Single Spindle HAAS ST30 lathes and Dual Spindle/Dual Turret Mitsubishi LT2-76YM lathe with bar feeder attachment...

Our HAAS mills are equipped with pallet changers with a 20” x 40” pallet which allows us to keep our machines running while we are loading parts onto the fixtures, thus increasing the throughput of the machine.

The HAAS lathe is a single spindle, single turret lathe equipped with a 10” chuck.

The Mitsubishi lathe is a dual spindle (10” chuck on the main spindle and 8” chuck on the secondary spindle), dual turret machine with live tooling capabilities.

This lathe allows us to run two operations at the same time or run two parts at the same time thus increasing the throughput.