Services: CNC Machining

Our CNC machining department consists of HAAS VF-3SS mills, Single
Spindle HAAS ST30 lathes and Dual Spindle/Dual Turret Mitsubishi
LT2-76YM lathe with bar feeder attachment.

CNC Machining

Our HAAS mills are equipped with pallet changers with a 20” x 40” pallet which allows us to keep our machines running while we are loading parts onto the fixtures, thus increasing the machine’s throughput.

The HAAS lathe is a single spindle, single turret lathe equipped with a 10” chuck.

Our LT2-76YM mill is from Mitsubishi’s newly redesigned LT Multi-Spindle Series. It is a true multi-axis Mill-Turn production machine with all of the cutting versatility to complete your complex parts, machining in a single setup and in record time. It has an extra-large 76mm (3”) diameter spindle to handle larger workpieces through the attached LNS Bar Feeder.

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Oil Filter Shields

Various draw type parts can be produced for special usage such as Oil Filter Shields.

Rocker Arms

This style of engine rocker arm requires many processes such as stamping, resistance welding, tapping, boring and assembly.

Multiple Draw Operation Parts

Several Stamping Draw Operations are available for many varieties of Draw type parts. If the volume is high, a Progressive Die can designed to reduce part cost by combining several Draw stations into one Die.

Looking for Laser Fabrication Services?

We are located next door to Dubuque Laser and Fabrication. Please visit their site to learn more about their capabilities.

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